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How Much Does Siding Installation Cost for a 2200 Square Foot House?

The average cost to install siding on a 2200-square-foot house is between $6,989-$10,322. The biggest contributing factors will be the material used and labor cost.

PRICING FACTORS: Location, Square footage to be sided, contractor labor rates, DIY vs Professional Installation

Estimated Cost to Side a 2200 Square Foot House by Material:

Vinyl Siding: $3.01-$11.52/Sq Ft
Metal Siding: $2.80-$8.08/Sq Ft
Fiber Cement: $5.09-$13.06/Sq Ft
Wood Siding: $2.11 – $5.14/Sq Ft

There are more than 140 million homes in the United States, and when it comes time to renovate or build your home, you might wonder about the costs of siding installation.

But what factors affect siding installation cost?

If you’re curious about installing siding, we’re here to help. 

How to Pick a Siding

The first thing you should consider is how to pick your siding. Several factors can alter your choice. Here are three qualities to keep in mind when picking your siding.

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One of the first things we think of when renovating a home is style and aesthetics. Sidings are one of the most prominent things in your home and can end up being their defining feature.

Stucco is one of the most popular sidings from an aesthetical point of view, for example. Wood, metal, vinyl, and all others have a particular look that you may desire.


Of course, the cost is crucial to home renovations. Installing siding is often an expensive task.

Labor makes up the bulk of the cost. To use stucco as an example, again, the average per square foot goes from roughly $5 to about $2-$3 if you remove labor.

Because of this, you should consider labor as well. If you’re going to complete your siding as a DIY project, it becomes much cheaper. Look into this cost difference to see which fits your needs best.


A final factor to keep in mind is the maintenance that your siding will require. The siding is exposed to the elements and can wear down quickly. How can you stop the siding from wearing away?

Maintenance is a core part of keeping your siding healthy, but some are simpler than others. Wood may need treating and sealing to prevent wood rot, for example. Others may need reapplications.

Consider the maintenance of your preferred siding before you choose. There’s nothing worse than finding out you can’t deal with the upkeep of your new siding!

Different Siding Costs

The cost of your siding is heavily dependent on what material you use. Here are some of the most common sidings and how their costs would match up against each other.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Vinyl Siding on a 2,200 Square Foot House?

Installing vinyl siding lands in the middle of our price range. Typically, vinyl siding costs $7.50 on average. The general range is $3 per square foot to $12 per square foot, with several factors deciding this.

Using this range, we can match out how much to expect to pay. You’ll likely spend between $6,600 and $26,000, depending on many factors. You’re more likely to spend around $14,000.

Cost to Install Metal Siding on a 2,200 Square Foot House

As a DIY project, metal siding is one of the cheaper options for the exterior of your home. However, your range will still vary considerably, and you shouldn’t expect a cheap job.

Siding can cost as low as $2 per square foot as a DIY project. You should expect to spend closer to $4 per square foot, and roughly $8,000-$10,000 on a 2,200-square-foot house.

Average Cost to Install Wood Siding on a 2,200 Square Foot House?

Wood may seem inexpensive, but high-quality and treated wood is pricy. Wood siding costs $6-$12 per square foot on average for installation.

Wood also has high maintenance, as it’s permeable and can take in moisture. Factor in this maintenance cost to an installation of roughly $16,000.

Cost to Install CertainTeed Siding on a 2,200 Square Foot House

CertainTeed vinyl siding costs roughly the same as most vinyl sidings. However, CertainTeed also has the benefit of being sustainable and much lower on maintenance. The low maintenance can factor into your costs.

Aside from the maintenance, the price is similar to vinyl siding. Expect prices to change as you shop around.

Get Matched With Siding Companies

Estimated Cost to Install Hardie Board Siding on a 2,200 Square Foot House

James Hardie is often considered a premium-quality company, which makes HardieBoard far from cheap. Depending on the usual factors, HardieBoard is among the most expensive options you can pick.

HardieBoard costs an average of $10 per square foot, with the range landing at $7 to $13 per square foot. Because of this, a 2,200-square-foot house would rack up a considerable bill.

Expect HardieBoard to run you roughly $22,000 on average for a project of this size. If you’re factoring in siding removal, you should add another $2,000 to the project.

Cost to Install LP SmartSide on a 2,200 Square Foot House

LP SmartSide is an engineered wood siding, which is generally less expensive than wood siding. However, there are several different styles of siding available.

Composite wood siding is cheaper than the average wood prices. If you aim for premium natural wood siding, the price rises considerably.

For premium wood siding, you should expect to spend up to $17.50 per square foot. The low end still lands at the most expensive on the list at $10.50.

Because of these prices, you should expect a sizable portion of your cost to go towards siding. At the top premium, LP SmartSide will run just above $38,000 for a 2,200-square-foot home.

Composite wood costs roughly the same as wood siding. It can also end up cheaper than wood siding, making it a great option if you want wood but not the bills!

Average Cost of Siding Installation

Siding installation is a crucial part of your home from an aesthetic and safety standpoint. Choosing the right siding requires analyzing your budget, preferred aesthetics, ability to perform maintenance, and more. Look into all of these factors when deciding on the siding that your new home will have.

For more information on installing siding into your home and siding installation costs, be sure to browse our site. You can also look into our calculator service to see what siding costs you should expect.

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