Stucco Siding Cost

How Much Does Stucco Siding Cost?

The national average cost to install insulated stucco siding is estimated to be between $4.88-$6.02 per square foot.

PRICING FACTORS: Location, Square footage to be sided, contractor labor rates, DIY vs Professional Installation

Estimated Cost to Install Vinyl Siding by House Size:

1500 Sq. Ft House: $7,320-$9,030
1700 Sq. Ft House: $8.296 -$10,234
2000 Sq. Ft House: $9,760 -$12,040
2500 Sq. Ft House: $11,755-$13,299
3000 Sq. Ft House: $13,779-$17,561

Pricing above are estimates. For a quote on your project we highly recommend consultation from a certified siding professional near you.

Stucco siding is one of the most common exterior wall materials used in new homes. Making up 28% of the whole, stucco siding is wildly popular and only becoming more common!  

If you’re looking into stucco siding, we’re here to help. Read on to learn about stucco siding cost and what you should expect from an installation.

What Is Stucco Siding?

Stucco siding is a mixture similar to cement. Made of cement, lime, sand, and water, stucco is a finishing coat for homes.

Stucco is applied to the outermost layer of construction. Fit for both residential and commercial constructions, the material has risen considerably in popularity. Modern stucco uses other additives such as polymers to improve flexibility and strength.

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Pros and Cons of Stucco Siding

There are plenty of pros of stucco, helping lend to its popularity. One of the greatest is its durability. Made partially of cement, stucco is strong against the environment and general abrasion.

Many also favor stucco for its aesthetical appearance. Stucco provides a regal and refined appearance to a home, especially if the aesthetic emphasizes it.

A con of stucco is that it’s highly absorbent, which can cause issues with durability. It also has many maintenance requirements, whereas other exteriors are more place-and-forget. Still, these are small prices to pay.


  • Highly durable
  • Refined appearance


  • Absorbs liquid easily
  • High in maintenance

Cost of Stucco Siding Installation

Now that we know more about stucco, how much does stucco siding cost to install?

There are multiple factors that go into this question. Different companies may charge different prices for similar jobs and products, for example. The amount of stucco siding you’re installing will also affect how much you pay.

According to an internal recent study, stucco costs between $4.88-$6.02 per square foot of siding. The average comes to roughly $5.57 per square foot.

Factors in Stucco Price

Much of the price of stucco siding comes from the labor you pay. What if you were to install the stucco yourself?

According to the same study cited above, doing the job yourself can save roughly half the cost. As a DIY project, stucco averages about $2-$3 per square foot.

You should also consider that many companies charge less per square foot on large projects. While the overall cost is higher, this slight discount can change calculations. The cost of materials is also frequently changing, so make sure you’re looking into modern prices!

Other costs will include any supplies or equipment you need. You should also consider the job taking considerably longer as a DIY project. A professional team has more people, is highly efficient, and can complete the job with ease.

Finally, another factor to consider is maintenance. Stucco is high in maintenance and can sometimes need reapplications. You should consider future costs when deciding on the siding for your home.

To that same end, if you decide to DIY your stucco siding, keep any tools and equipment. You’ll need them down the line to perform maintenance.

In summary, stucco siding has the following factors in cost:

  • Roughly $5.50 per square foot ($2-$3 as a DIY project)
  • High in maintenance
  • Cost of tools and equipment as DIY
  • Labor makes up much of the cost
  • Larger properties and buildings will cost more due to needing more siding
  • Costs can change as material costs shift through the year
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are still many questions that you may have about stucco siding! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to stucco siding installation.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Stucco Siding on a 1000 Square-Foot House?

The cost will rely heavily on the factors given above. Using the above costs, we can calculate the average of what to expect for the cost of stucco siding in a 1000-square-foot house.

Going for the rough average, this would cost roughly $5,000. If done as a DIY project, it could cost between $2,000 and $3,000.

However, a property that’s this relatively small will have the cost inflated by equipment and labor. Stuccoing a 1,000-square-foot house could cost up to roughly $6,800!

How Much Does it Cost to Install Stucco Siding on a 2000 Square-Foot House?

The study above cites a 2,000-square-foot house as costing roughly $4.94 per square foot. By this estimate, you should expect to spend somewhere in the $9,760 to $12,040 range.

Such a number assumes you’re hiring a team to do it for you! As a DIY project, this becomes considerably cheaper.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Stucco Siding on a 2500 Square-Foot House?

As the largest property on this list, a 2,500-square-foot house is both the most expensive overall and the cheapest by-square-foot.

To stucco a house of this size, you should expect to pay between $11,755-$13,299. The price shifts depending on labor, materials, complexity of job, and more.

How Long Does Stucco Siding Last?

Stucco’s durability is one of its best features. Stucco lasts roughly 50 years and can remain considerably longer if properly maintained. Such a long life makes the price of stucco significantly easier to tolerate.

How is Stucco Siding Installed?

Once stucco is mixed, applying the coating to your home is easy. You’ll need to apply a bonding agent, commonly called stucco wrap. Afterward, a scratch coat is necessary for protection.

A leveling layer will go on next to assure that stucco is spread properly. Next is the primary stucco and finishing coat, followed by the paint.

These five steps are all that you need! To summarize:

  • Apply stucco wrap
  • Apply a scratch coat
  • Apply leveling layer
  • Apply the finishing coat of stucco
  • Optional: Paint the stucco siding

Acquiring Stucco Siding

Stucco siding is wildly popular for its relatively-low cost, high durability, and refined appearance. Consider the cost of labor and materials as well as the size of the property to calculate your costs. If you want to save on costs, making your stucco siding a DIY project is always an option!

For more information on maintaining your home, consider contacting us for a quote on what to expect from your siding project!

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