Siding Installation Cost for a 1500 Square Foo

How Much Does Siding Installation Cost for a 1500 Square Foot House?

The average cost to install siding on a 1500 sq ft house is estimated to be between $4,860-$9,559. The biggest contributing factors will be the material used and labor costs.

PRICING FACTORS: Location, Square footage to be sided, contractor labor rates, DIY vs Professional Installation

Estimated Cost to Side a 1500 Square Foot House by Material:

Vinyl Siding: $3.11-$11.54/Sq Ft
Metal Siding: $2.86-$8.11/Sq Ft
Fiber Cement: $5.19-$13.12/Sq Ft
Wood Siding: $2.13-$5.14/Sq Ft

Pricing above are estimates. For a quote on your project we highly recommend consultation from a certified siding professional near you.

Millions of Americans have chosen new siding as a means of protecting their homes while adding value. One of the most popular siding materials today is vinyl, which came into popular use for siding in the 1950s. The material may be best known as the basis for fabricating records beginning in the 1930s. 

Are you looking for ways to add a little curb appeal to your home? Discover more about siding installation cost factors and other important topics tied to home siding costs. 

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How Much Does Siding Installation Cost for a 1500-Square-Foot House?

First a little spoiler. Estimating the cost of siding for any home ranges considerably, depending on the material you opt for and other factors. But whether you are planning on using brick, vinyl, or wood for your 1,500-square-foot home, you are looking at a general price range of between $7,399-$9,222.

Since labor and material are the two largest cost factors for adding siding to your home, expect the cost of adding siding to increase proportionally to the total square footage of your home. 

Siding Cost Factors

One of the biggest factors when determining your final estimate is the material you opt for. On the low end, some wood siding may cost as little as $2.50 per square foot. Quality stonework can cost upwards of $39 per square foot.

Each material comes with pros and cons. Some may require more maintenance to upkeep. 

Common siding materials include:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Fiber cement
  • Stucco
  • Brick veneer
  • Vinyl
  • Brick
  • Stone

Other Cost Factors is here to help you connect with local professional siding companies. When our partners come to your home to give a final estimate, there are other factors that have to be considered besides labor and the siding material.  

There may be permit applications that the siding professional has to file, for example. There is a wide range of small components that are used to install the new siding. These can include starter strips, finishing strips, outlets, and vents.

There are also larger components that you may not have thought of. Matching shutters, for example, may be needed to deliver beautiful aesthetic results. 

And then there is the cost of removing and hauling away the old siding. All of these factors will be tallied when determining your final bill. 

What Happens During the Siding Estimate Process?

Once you contact us online, watch out for a quick return email or phone call! One of our pros will likely call within a few minutes. He or she will work with you directly to determine resources and options that are ideal for your project. 


Siding estimates typically begin with a measurement of the project. If you are needing a full siding replacement, for example, the siding expert will measure the dimensions of your entire exterior. 

Other projects may only require less extensive repairs or replacements. In those cases, a smaller area will be measured. If you are too eager to wait, you can get a rough estimate yourself by measuring the area in question and plugging those numbers into an online cost calculator.

Subtracting Doors and Windows 

The area of windows and doors will be subtracted from those tallies, of course. There may be extra labor factors, though, since working around windows and doors requires special cuts and adjustments.

Other Cost Factors 

During your siding cost estimation, the siding pro we connect you with may factor in other services, like mold removal services. Removal of siding is another potential cost factor.

Once the siding pro adds up all the repair, removal, and labor costs you will have the final figure you need to move forward with your siding upgrades. 

Can I Ask the Siding Contractor Questions?

We totally encourage our clients to ask the siding pro as many questions as they like. They are here to serve you, after all. 

One question you should consider asking is how long have they been in business. Having a credible track record reflects many years of success and work experience. 

You may also want to ask whether the siding pro is licensed and insured. Being licensed and current in that licensure is incredibly important. Not all siding experts are bonded, but they should have some form of insurance or workers comp.

Asking for a guarantee on their work is also reasonable. Verbal guarantees are nice, but it never hurts to ask for a written guarantee that outlines what isn’t covered and what is. 

Online ratings and reviews are a great resource for determining whether a company has a great reputation. You can also ask our siding pros directly for references. Since we only work with reputable and respected companies, you can expect prompt replies to this question. 

Finally, it never hurts to know who will be managing the project. This can be especially important if your project requires sub-contractors. Knowing which people you are dealing with, especially the project manager can help you get a better read on whether you picked the right siding team.  

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Finding the right contractors for your home project can save you time and money. Our team is excited to connect you with the best pros in your area. We only match our customers with the most qualified contractors who are extensively vetted. 

Now that we have explained siding installation cost factors, it’s time to take the next step by contacting us today. We look forward to upgrading your home.  

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