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How Much Does Siding Installation Cost in Honolulu, HI?

Wondering how much does siding installation cost in Honolulu, HI? From metal to vinyl siding we’ll help you calculate to cost from contractors near you.

Siding Costs in Honolulu Hawaii by Material:

Siding MaterialAverage Cost / Square Foot
Wood Siding$2.11–$5.18
Vinyl Siding$3.40–$11.55 
Metal Siding$2.85–$8.12
Fiber cement Siding$5.20–$13.14
Composite Siding$3.90–$6.43 
Insulated Vinyl Siding$3.72–$11.63 

Costs are estimates and vary by brand, material, and total square foot covered

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Siding Installation Cost Per Square Foot – Honolulu, HI

If you’re looking to upgrade the exterior of your home in Honolulu with a fresh new siding installation, know that the cost will depend on factors like the size and design of your house, as well as local labor rates. To get an idea of what materials may set you back, take a look at this handy list containing average prices for various types of external siding:

Siding TypeCost Per Sq. Ft.Typical Price Range
Aluminum$1.52 – $7.07$3,500 – $14,000
Brick Siding$5.05 – $15.04$10,250 – $30,000
Fiber Cement$5.04 – $12.01$11,102 – $24,005
Hardie Board$7.07 – $13.15$15,155 – $19,100
Natural Stone$28.01 – $50.29$55,003 – $100,010
Stucco Siding$5.15 – $9.06$9,000 – $17,305
Vinyl Siding$3.56 – $11.10$4,700 – $15,504
Wood Siding$8.00 – $12.10$16,001 – $24,000

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Find Honolulu Siding Companies Near You

Connect with local siding companies in Honolulu Hawaii. Listed below are trusted siding contractors near you:

Pacific Construction Builders Inc.
1623 Hart St Ste B
Honolulu, HI 96817

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Barnett Construction, Inc.
212 Mohonua Pl Ste A2
Honolulu, HI 96819

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Siding Installation in Honolulu, HI

Siding installation in Honolulu, HI is an important aspect of maintaining the integrity and appearance of a home or commercial property. Siding not only protects a building’s exterior from weather and other environmental factors but also enhances its overall aesthetic appeal. There are many different types of siding materials available, each with their own unique advantages and drawbacks.

One popular option for siding installation in Honolulu is vinyl siding. This durable and affordable material is available in a range of colors and styles, making it easy to customize to match the specific look of a property. Vinyl siding is also easy to maintain and requires little upkeep over time.

Another option for siding installation in Honolulu is fiber cement siding. This material is made from a combination of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, making it resistant to fire, insects, and rot. Fiber cement siding is also very durable and can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Wood siding is another popular choice for homes and commercial properties in Honolulu. This material offers a natural look that can complement a wide range of architectural styles. However, wood siding requires regular maintenance to prevent decay and weathering over time.

Regardless of the type of siding material chosen, it is important to work with a reputable and experienced contractor for siding installation in Honolulu. A professional contractor can help select the right siding material for the property, ensure proper installation techniques, and provide ongoing maintenance and repair services as needed.

In addition to the aesthetic and functional benefits of siding installation, there may be financial benefits as well. Upgrading to new, energy-efficient siding can help reduce heating and cooling costs, while also increasing the resale value of a property.

Overall, siding installation in Honolulu is an important investment in the long-term protection and appearance of a home or commercial property. By selecting the right material and working with a qualified contractor, property owners can enjoy a beautiful and durable exterior that stands up to the unique challenges of Hawaii’s tropical climate.

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