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How Much Does Siding Installation Cost in Arlington, TX?

Wondering how much does siding installation cost in Arlington, TX? From metal to vinyl siding we’ll help you calculate to cost from contractors near you.

Siding Costs in Arlington Texas by Material:

Siding MaterialAverage Cost / Square Foot
Wood Siding$2.11–$5.17
Vinyl Siding$3.41–$11.53 
Metal Siding$2.82–$8.14
Fiber cement Siding$5.21–$13.11
Composite Siding$3.90–$6.34 
Insulated Vinyl Siding$3.65–$11.61 

Costs are estimates and vary by brand, material, and total square foot covered

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Siding Installation Cost Per Square Foot – Arlington, TX

If you’re looking to upgrade the exterior of your home in Arlington with a fresh new siding installation, know that the cost will depend on factors like the size and design of your house, as well as local labor rates. To get an idea of what materials may set you back, take a look at this handy list containing average prices for various types of external siding:

Siding TypeCost Per Sq. Ft.Typical Price Range
Aluminum$1.52 – $7.02$3,500 – $13,998
Brick Siding$5.02 – $15.02$10,247 – $30,000
Fiber Cement$5.01 – $12.00$11,100 – $24,000
Hardie Board$7.05 – $13.14$15,151 – $19,095
Natural Stone$28.00 – $50.25$55,000 – $100,000
Stucco Siding$5.13 – $9.02$9,000 – $17,300
Vinyl Siding$3.56 – $11.04$4,700 – $15,498
Wood Siding$7.99 – $12.10$15,997 – $24,000

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Find Arlington Siding Companies Near You

Connect with local siding companies in Arlington Texas. Listed below are trusted siding contractors near you:

Elite Exteriors
3410 Doolittle Dr
Arlington, TX 76014

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RJ Construction and Roofing
2640 Corzine Dr
Arlington, TX 76013

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Siding Installation in Arlington, TX

Siding installation is an essential part of maintaining the exterior of a house in Arlington, TX. Siding not only adds to the curb appeal of a home, but it also serves as a protective barrier against the elements, preventing moisture and pests from entering the structure. When it comes to siding installation in Arlington, TX, there are several important factors to consider.

Firstly, it’s important to choose the right type of siding material for your home. Vinyl siding is a popular choice in Arlington, TX, as it’s durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. Other popular options include fiber cement siding, which offers excellent protection against fire and pests, and wood siding, which gives homes a classic, rustic look. Whatever material you choose, it’s important to select a siding that can withstand the harsh weather conditions that are common in Arlington, TX.

Next, it’s important to choose a reputable siding installation company in Arlington, TX. Look for a company that has experience installing siding on homes similar to yours and that has a track record of providing high-quality workmanship. Ask for references and read online reviews to ensure that the company you choose is trustworthy and reliable.

Once you’ve selected a siding material and installation company, the installation process can begin. The first step is to remove any existing siding from your home, if necessary. Then, the siding installation team will prepare your home’s exterior for the new siding by repairing any damaged areas and installing a moisture barrier to protect against water damage.

Once the preparation work is complete, the siding installation team will begin installing the new siding. This involves measuring and cutting the siding to fit your home’s specific dimensions, and then attaching it to the exterior of your home. The installation team will take care to ensure that the siding is properly aligned and attached securely to your home, and will finish the job by installing any necessary trim and accessories.

Overall, siding installation is an important investment in your home’s exterior. By choosing the right material and installation company, you can ensure that your siding provides reliable protection and enhances the beauty of your home for years to come.

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